Starting a new Business?


Start a business with caution

        to be really successful. If you carefully follow all the right steps of creating a company that sells a quality product or provides a service that people want you may be very successful.

Choose a product or service

        that people are buying now and spending money on consistently. Think of whether they are spending the money because they want it or need it. This is very important in a down turn of the economy.

Decide on a service

        that people are buying or you are sure that people will want to buy. It is a growing need in the market place or has it already peaked and is being replaced by other services?

What is the competition?

         How many years have the competition been established? How big is the competition and do they have deep pockets?

Negotiate the right business lease space location

        with the best number of years and option. Be careful to negotiate the right inclusions such as building taxes, management costs and included utilities.

Operating cash and operating line credit

        is a must as it will take months and maybe a couple of years to get off the ground and realize a before break even point. Of course your goal is not be break even bu to make a good profit.

Equipment, furnishings, leasehold improvements

        and office equipment are the next big decision. I would suggest getting help from someone who know the industry before you make some very costly mistakes.


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Information About Canada

         For resource information on Canada and all the Provinces and Territories go to Business Resource Canada which includes population, land area, cities, economy, mining, agriculture, tourism and the energy resource at   http://www.businessresourcecanada.com


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